Thursday, 9 February 2017

Don’t Be Like Dave.

plan to dieDave didn’t plan to die, and he didn’t expect to go so soon. But he did and he left a mess behind him.

Like many of us Dave went through life acting as if he were immortal. Ill health and death happened to other people. He was too busy running his business to get sick. And what a business, fast growing profitable, and able to offer great job opportunities to his ever-growing team. Dave liked to be in control he was the only director and he owned the shares – it was truly his business. He was building something to make his family proud, working every hour to give them a great life. His proudest day was the day that Jon came to work with him.

Then came the stroke – so work took a back seat. There was no warning, the doctor said it was caused by overworking. The fact that he was the only signatory on the bank account meant nothing could be paid. He was the only one who could sign contracts so the big opportunity went to his competitor. Suppliers stopped supplying, the staff didn’t get paid. Eventually his creditors lost patience and petitioned for bankruptcy. His son Jon did everything that he could, but without access to the bank he had to rely on the few people who could pay him in cash. As the firm was liquidated the staff left, one or two found another job, but the four that were left lost their jobs and added their names to the list of creditors.

Dave didn’t plan to get sick, and he didn’t plan to die. He struggled through his last few months and saw his business suffer too. Maybe the extra stress was the thing that killed him.

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