Friday, 13 January 2017

Trading on Fears – Protecting Your Assets

I am not often shocked. But, just before Christmas I was horrified when I was contacted by an elderly client. The reason – she had just been cold called by someone who told her that she was going to have her home taken off her by the local authority to pay for care. Understandably she was scared, fortunately she called us. This was not an unsolicited phone call, it was someone going door to door knocking.

It turns out that her area of Bourne had been targeted by canvassers as it had a high concentration of older people. This seems to be happening in other areas locally too. These people were touting a one size fits all solution to protect homes from being taken by local authorities to pay for care fees.

There are many ways of doing business and going from door to door is a good method of generating sales for some things. But when you are talking about your biggest asset – your home – you need to be wary of people who show up on your doorstep. Come to that unsolicited phone calls need to be treated with caution too.

The issue here is not protecting your assets. With the proper planning and in the right circumstances your home and your investments can be protected for your children and future generations of your family. The issue is professionalism and preying on the fears of elderly or vulnerable people. Asset protection is a complex issue and everyone’s circumstances are different.

If you want to understand the issues that face you and your children, or maybe you and your parents
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