Monday, 19 December 2016

Inheritance Tax Changes – 2017 time to Review your Wills - Save £80,000.

In April 2017 two new inheritance tax allowances are being introduced. The good news is that the Residence Nil Rate Bands could mean that you can pass an extra £200,000 to your heirs without paying any Inheritance Tax. This equates to a cash saving of £80,000 for your family.
Residence Nil Rate Band
2017 Time to review your Wills.
There is a catch, rather than introducing a simple uplift to the Nil Rate Band. The government have made these new allowances rather complex. There are rules that you need to meet to qualify for this new relief.
This could be a problem for you if you have current wills that include discretionary trusts. If you are unsure call us and we can help. 
If you made your Wills before October 2007, it is likely that your inheritance tax planning will need updating.
From January to the 6th of April we are offering a free review of your Inheritance Tax Planning. This will ensure peace of mind for you and your family.
After your review we will make recommendations for any changes that you may need to make. Ensuring that you will qualify for the new allowances.
Call us today on 01778 382723 to book your Free Inheritance Tax Review.

P.S. - If you think inheritance tax doesn't apply to you call us for a free review in any case. You might get a shock. We are all worth more dead than alive! Call 01778 382723.

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