Monday, 14 November 2016

Have you got that Crystal Ball Yet?

Crystal BallBrexit, Leicester City, Trump. 

If 2016 teaches us anything it should surely be that we don’t know what the future holds.

If you are anything like me, you have probably had times in the last year where you have simply stopped and asked yourself how did that just happen. 

The received wisdom was that we would never vote to leave the EU, small clubs don’t win the premier league and Americans would never vote for Trump. But these things happened.

Life is unpredictable, the big stuff proves it. At a personal level life is unpredictable too but all too often we treat life like it is never going to happen to us. People around us get sick, need care, or die. These huge events have a negative effect for a while and then life goes on. Occasionally you will think what if that happened to me, but inevitably you will move on.

A client recently decided that she was going to get things in order. That she was going to take the uncertainty out of her life. She knew what we all know – you can’t predict the future. 

We had a meeting and a few conversations later she had a plan. She knew she was covered if she got sick or needed care. Her family was protected when she died and she had even planned and paid for her own funeral.

She decided it was time to plan for the unknown, the unpredictable. Call us today and start your plan 01778 382723. 

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