Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Most Interesting Job in the World

Do You Want to Be Like Ian?

Ian has the most interesting job in the world.

father walking with son
He knows he has the most interesting job in the world because his clients tell him. Everyday.

Ian’s clients are right - he does have one of the most interesting and varied jobs in the world. Even better than that, he is his own boss.

Ian only works four days a week. He has a three-day weekend, taking off alternate Mondays and Fridays.

On the days when he is working there is no rush to the office. A leisurely walk to school with his son and the anticipation of his first appointment is how Ian start his working day.

The most interesting job in the world is easy for Ian because he’s a people person. He has some life experience and loves to help others.

Ian’s day involves talking to people. Sharing his stories and solving their problems.

The most interesting job in the world is easy for Ian to do because he has the right knowledge and it’s always very satisfying. It is also financially very rewarding. So not only does Ian have a great work life balance, he also earns good money from the work that he does.

Ian’s clients are easy for him to find. He can get a regular supply of leads when he needs them. In truth the majority of his business comes from his clients. They are happy to refer their friends and family to him.

When you ask Ian about his business. He could tell you about the five couples who are happily married because of his solutions. He might tell you about the time he saved a family £300,000 or he might just tell you about his son and how the business suits their lifestyle.

Ian's clients are interesting because they are real people. With real life challenges. The most interesting job in the world addresses their fears about things like life, death and aging. It’s big stuff.
Ian's clients are smart. They are planning for their futures and they are wise enough to know that Ian's solutions are right for them.
The most interesting job in the world has no bureaucracy. Not too much regulation. Best of all Ian doesn’t do much administration.

Ian's not the only person who has the most interesting job in the world. In fact, there are a growing band of people like him.
Are you interested in finding out more about the most interesting job in the world?

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