Tuesday, 25 October 2016


A fact that never ceases to amaze me is the 53% of people who died in 2014 died without a Will. The other thing that amazes me is that almost every one of those 53% knew that they needed to make a Will. They were going to get around to it.
  • ·         53% of people who died left their family an uncertain future.
  • ·         53% didn’t tell their family who was to receive what.
  • ·         53% didn’t give guidance about their funeral.
  • ·         53% made no attempt to save tax or secure their assets.
  • ·         And 53% didn’t mean to leave things that way.

When asked people give lots of different reasons for not getting around to it – they were too young, they didn’t own enough, it was too complex, or they didn’t want to face the fact they might die.

On the other hand the 47% who died with a Will gave their loved ones clarity and certainty. They took a couple of hours out of their lives to make sure that things were simple for their family after they had passed away.

The one thing that all of our clients agree on is that making a Will was nowhere near as complex or difficult as they thought it would be.

Don’t be one of the 53% - talk to Will and Probate Services today – It’s time to make a Will. 

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