Tuesday, 2 February 2016


David Bowie DiesTerry Wogan, David Bowie, Lemmy from Motorhead, Glen Frey of the Eagles – 2016 has started with a large number of high profile celebrities passing away. The TV news has been awash with the great and the good sharing memories and condolences for the loss of people that we feel we knew because we grew up alongside them.

Lemmy DiesLots of people have commented to me on the sheer number of deaths that seem to be happening, asking me if I am surprised or shocked. But, sadly I am not – there have been a higher than normal number of high profile deaths over the past few weeks, but the sad fact is that around eight and a half thousand people die in the UK every week and almost every one of them goes unreported.
Terry Wogan DiesThat’s eight thousand five hundred bereaved families, but the statistics show that only half of them will be able to rely on a Will to help them deal with their loss. Over four thousand families will be left in a muddle without any clear direction as to what to do next or who should do it.

Don’t let your family be one of the four thousand. When it’s your turn to join the 8500 make sure that you have made your Will and given your loved ones peace of mind.

Call us today to arrange your Will appointment 0800 612 4584 e-mail advice@will-probate.co.uk or go to our site www.will-probate.co.uk 

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