Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Difficult Conversations we all need to have - Can Mum and Dad Live With Us

3. Would you let your mother in law move in?
Mum and Son in Law
Can Mum Live Here?

Families are complex things, and their needs are constantly changing and adapting however there is one undeniable fact every member of the family is getting older and as our parents age, it’s likely that they will need more help.

In most families, one child (often the youngest sibling) steps up to the plate and becomes the primary carer. So this difficult conversation starts with the question - Is that going to be you or your spouse?

If it is then you need to instigate a conversation with your spouse, your siblings, and of course your parents. You should consider are you all up for the inevitable challenges and strains that will arise? Do the rest of the family buy in to the changes that are suggested, the costs that may be associated, the potential for changes to what they may inherit? What alternatives are there, what are the costs and implications?

Once the family are on the same page and everyone is agreed you need to make sure that you have the right paperwork in place, to back it up – an amended Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney, if a property is involved you may well need a deed of trust. 

This difficult conversation involves the whole family and is important because it will save arguments and heartache later down the line.

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