Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Man Flu – How something simple can cause everything to grind to a halt.

I had a great Christmas, but 2015 started on a bit of a downer when on New Year’s Day I was struck by the man flu - No big drama, but enough to confine me to bed for a few days.

man fluBut it got me thinking, my planned flying start to the new business year was stalled and when added to an extended holiday my business had not been trading properly for three weeks. Already there were a few bills that had gone a couple of days overdue and some jobs that should have been completed that weren’t. But the real thought that was plaguing me was not the short term issues that the man flu had caused it was -

What if I was properly Ill, unable to work for a period of weeks or even months? Like most small businesses my firm needs me, to sign contracts, to pay bills, to talk to the bank and my suppliers. It struck me that without me my staff don’t have much authority to deal with the outside world.

Business Lasting Power of Attorney
Small Business LPA
So this morning I put in place something that I have been meaning to do for a long time. A business Lasting Power of Attorney which will enable my staff to make decisions and operate the business if I am unable to.

If you run a small business you probably need to put a Business LPA in place. You almost certainly need to review your Will as well to ensure that the business can continue if you die. If you want to know more give us a call – Will & Probate Services 01778 382723  www.will-probate.co.uk 

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