Friday, 23 January 2015

Difficult Conversations we all need to have - the first in a series of articles highlighting the discussions you need to have with your family.

Where are the papers
Is it always the Wife's Job?
It's easy to ignore certain difficult subjects by simply not making time to discuss them. But the truth is, there are some discussions you need to have with your partner or your family because life has a nasty habit of throwing you a curve ball from time to time -
1. Where is everything?

It sounds simple doesn't it but the chances are, one or both of you can't answer that question about the important paperwork of your life. In most relationships, one partner takes responsibility for paying the bills and keeping the records (this is often ‘the Wife’) whilst the other (commonly known as ‘the Husband’) is in the dark. But both of you need to know where your important document are stored. This includes your Wills, bank and building society account numbers, details of savings and investments, share certificates, the V5 documents for your vehicles, your property deeds, pension details (including frozen pensions), tax returns, mortgage details, and insurance policies. What about the cloud? Many of us will have e-bay, PayPal, online casino and online bank accounts (among many others) – where are the passwords and key code devices. Who are your advisors, your accountant, your estate planning company, your financial advisor. You can download our ‘What I have and where it is’ form from our website - It will help you to make great start. But once it is done, don’t forget to update it.

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