Thursday, 10 July 2014

Can I Leave My House to My Cat?

On Monday morning I was gently berating one of my suppliers as he still hasn't made his will yet. It turned out to be a timely conversation as he had been arguing with his girlfriend and he asked me the killer question 'Can I leave my house to my cat?' 
The cat that got the house.
The Cat that got the House!

Setting aside the fact that his girlfriend won't inherit anything if he dies because they are unmarried, the scale of the argument had been enough to make giving his house to his cat a serious consideration.

The short answer is no, a Cat is a possession and so is a house, so you can't give them to each other. But like most things in life, if you are prepared to go the extra mile, then it can be done. The trick is to set up a trust for the maintenance of the cat during her lifetime, with additional instructions that detail what should happen to any money that is left over when your Cat joins you in the great cat basket in the sky. Maybe you could leave the remainder to the cat's protection league, or perhaps you should remember your partner and let them have what's left.

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