Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Looking After Your Own -

How do you retain responsibility for your adult child with learning difficulties?

Having a child with learning difficulties is one of the biggest challenges that a family can face. Getting the right care, education and support for your son or daughter can often feel like a never ending battle against the authorities. However there is one thing that you can be assured of, as a parent you are empowered to make decisions for your child - it is your parental responsibility.
However big the hurdles you have faced bringing up your son or daughter, the issues that arise when your child reaches 18 can make them seem insignificant. 

At 18 your child is an adult and treated by the law as such he will be responsible for his finances and his care decisions, but may not have the capacity to make those decisions for himself. The question is what should a parent do in these circumstances, your parental authority is at an end but you are unlikely to want decisions about your child’s future made by the social services department of your local authority.

The solution is to apply to be appointed by the courts as a Deputy for your newly adult child. Deputyship will allow you to continue to make all of the important decisions on behalf of your child, with the authority and guidance of the courts.  

An application to the courts to be appointed as a Deputy can be complex, and will take between 4 & 7 months to be granted so it is important to apply before your child gets to 18. If you need any help or advice call Will & Probate Services on 01778 382723, we can talk you through what’s required for your child and we can offer a low cost, fixed fee service to make the application process easier for you and yours. 

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