Thursday, 9 January 2014

It's Your Funeral......

So why not plan it now, save some money and save your family the stress later.

Many of you will be following the tragic storyline of Roy and Hayley on Coronation Street and will have been moved by Roy’s inability to face up to Hayley’s funeral arrangements, it has certainly struck a chord with me.

The situation that the characters find themselves in is unusual, but by no means unique and you don’t have to be terminally ill to make your own funeral arrangements. Often it is just a case of sound financial planning.

Funeral costs have been rising at an average of 7.8%* per year which is way faster than inflation and even way ahead of the return that most of us are getting on our savings. So for many over 50’s the smart thing to do is to pay for your funeral plan today and lock in the cost before it gets too high.

The advantages reach far further than saving money, you can plan your own ceremony, decide on the music, the readings and the tone of the service meaning that you can be sure the funeral will be an appropriate memorial to you. Added to this is the knowledge that you will have saved your family the stress and heartache of putting together a funeral at a time of great sadness. 

Pre paying your funeral can be an excellent tool if you are planning for care costs and looking to protect assets.

It is not necessarily as expensive as you think, you can pay in one instalment or elect to pay monthly.

So be like Hayley and plan your own funeral, as ever we can help so call us on 01778 382723 for more details or to arrange a free no obligation meeting with one of our advisors.

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