Tuesday, 26 November 2013

When senior moments become normal ...

We have all walked into a room and suddenly found that we have no idea why we were there, or what we wanted only to remember as soon as we walked out again, most of us will have written it off as a Senior Moment. The concept of a Senior Moment has become well established in our culture, but we need to look at what lurks beneath these comedy moments.

Sadly for more and more people the Senior Moment eventually becomes normal and they succumb to Alzheimer’s or dementia. This can obviously have very serious consequences for the person who is losing their capacity, but you should not overlook the effect on the wider family. Loss of capacity can mean that a person’s bank accounts are frozen and if they were the main income earner it may mean that the bills don’t get paid. Often loss of capacity can mean that even a joint account is frozen even when one party is still able to make decisions. If you or a loved one ends up in a situation where you can’t make decisions for yourself you could find yourself at the mercy of the Courts or the Local Authority who will make decisions about your financial affairs and your care on your behalf.

The good news is there is a really easy way to retain control – make Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). LPA’s mean that the key decisions about your finances and your care are made by your family or others that you trust. Making LPA’s is quick and easy and will save thousands of pounds and hours of stress compared with having to deal with the courts. Call us today (01778) 382723 we will draw up your LPAs. You can also check out our Lasting Powers of Attorney Website or Email advice@will-probate.co.uk

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