Monday, 16 July 2012

Ever Had a Client Die? – What Happened Next?

I have often posed this question when I chat with advisors and there are normally one of two answers:

Either, The investments and assets were cashed in and the advisor moved on to the next client.

Or, The work that the advisor had done with the family kicked in, the family were put in touch with someone who could help them deal with the probate process, and three or four new clients were created from the beneficiaries of the will.

Wills and Probate are not glamorous, but they are essential when building a relationship with a client.

Whilst many advisors have a ‘Will Writer’ who they use very few go on to offer a full probate option that deals with the consequences of a death in a family. That’s where we can help Will and Probate Services can deal with an estate whether or not we wrote the Will, even if there is no will. We will guide your clients quickly and efficiently through the probate process until they emerge at the other end with their inheritance. We always offer a fixed fee, free initial consultation and if the client is introduced by an advisor generous introduction fees.

So next time you hear of a death by all means think that’s sad, but think how can I help the family and then refer them to us – or call us 01778 382723. 

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